Assemble your own JackTrip Virtual Studio and save money

Note: The JackTrip Virtual Studio software has been updated so that this project will work with most USB audio interfaces and audio adapters. There is no longer any need to modify or update this software yourself.


Until recently, solutions for playing…

Easier jamming together over the Internet

Virtual Studio Project

The goal of the Virtual Studio project is to make it much easier for musicians and singers to play music together remotely. Most current solutions require each player to install, configure, and update sophisticated software and hardware on their computers. This necessitates significant technical expertise — including for computers, real-time…

Here are the things that led me to cancel Amazon Prime, including reasons you should think about dropping it too. I’m not trying to single out Amazon, this is primarily a cost-benefit analysis.

Full disclosures: I’ve had various relationships with Amazon for a long time. I buy a lot of…

Dgraph Labs

This article will be of particular interest to people who are curious about how powerful encryption can be implemented in high performance systems. It is also for people who just want to know a bit more about how strong encryption works and how all the pieces fit together.


Making a…

It has been over a year since What’s Revolutionary about Flutter was published (it is still a good introduction). When I wrote that article, few mobile developers had heard about Flutter, but things have come a long way since then. Now I can’t keep up with all the articles and…

Fun with 3D and the Transform widget

tl;dr — The Transform widget allows you to do amazing things in your Flutter apps. Here’s a one-minute video showing off what developers have done with Transform widgets:

This article builds a simple demo program that shows how to use Flutter’s Transform widget to provide 3D perspective, a graphic

Many linguists believe that the natural language a person speaks affects how they think. Does the same concept apply to computer languages? Programmers working in different kinds of programming languages often come up with radically different solutions to problems. …

What is Flutter?

The Flutter mobile app SDK is a new way to build beautiful native mobile apps that break away from the “cookie cutter” apps that have been so common in the past. People who try Flutter really like it; for example, see this, this, or this. …

My new work monitor.

[If you’re the kind of person who loves programming on your smallish laptop, you can stop reading now.]

If you are a software developer and you’re like me, you may find that you are far more productive when you have enough real estate. …

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Musician, computer scientist, artist.

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